Revolutionize Your Workflow with Lab Management

Streamline your lab's digital and 3D workflow, enhancing production and improving the dental patient experience. Our Lab Management simplifies product tracking and prescriptions management and ensures faster delivery to your patients.

Boost Efficiency and Streamline Lab Processes with Advanced Lab Management

Streamlined Digital and 3D Workflow

Clear Product Tracking and Management

Enhanced Production Workflows

Easy Case Information and Digital File Sharing

Efficient Prescriptions Management Workflow

Faster Delivery of Final Products to Patients

Accelerate with Digital Prescription Management

Streamline your practice with advanced digital prescription management.

  • Manage all patient labs, clear aligners, and digital prescriptions seamlessly.
  • Include third-party case tracking to ensure comprehensive management.
  • Digitally receive prescriptions with supporting digital files for improved efficiency.

Foster Collaboration with Secure Communication

Efficiently and securely communicate with your labs across multiple offices.

  • Share case information and digital files effortlessly.
  • Maintain a clear view of all lab activities for better management.
  • Enhance collaboration between your offices and labs for superior patient service.

Simplify In-House Lab Management

Manage your in-house lab with ease and improved efficiency.

  • Easily track and manage in-house lab products and workflows.
  • Enhance the patient experience with faster delivery of final products.
  • Leverage our digital platform to simplify and improve in-house lab operations.

Optimize Lab Management with Ora for Enhanced Patient Care

Take full control of your lab's workflow with our Lab Management feature. Track and manage products with clarity, ensuring a faster and better patient experience.

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