July 19, 2023

PracticeTek Debuts Ora Dental, a Generational Technology Leap for the DSO and Dental Industry

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In a long-awaited reveal, PracticeTek proudly introduces the DSO industry's first comprehensive information management system

July 18, 2023 10:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The PracticeTek technology alliance unveiled its newest innovation, Ora Dental, at the 10th annual Dykema DSO conference in Denver.

Ora is the dental industry’s first enterprise information system specifically engineered to navigate the data complexities of Dental Support Organizations. This launch continues PracticeTek’s sustained commitment to investing in technology solutions that simplify the business of healthcare.

April Lowry, Ora’s co-founder, shared, "Ora will reshape the dental software landscape, specifically for DSOs and large groups. This multi-specialty, infinitely scalable platform embodies our accumulated expertise in clinical workflows, patient engagement, revenue management, AI, and analytics. I am thrilled to witness this vision coming to life."

“Ora is the 3.0 practice management system that DSOs have wanted for years,” said Eric Leaver, CEO of PracticeTek. “It was designed by veteran DSO operators who understand the value of comprehensive data to improve clinical and financial outcomes. Ora pushes actionable information to those team members who can make an impact armed with that information.”

About Ora Dental

Ora Dental is next generation technology for DSO enterprise information management. Ora’s groundbreaking platform revolutionizes dental practice management, redefining the boundaries of possibility in the dental industry. For further information, please visit oradental.com.

About PracticeTek

PracticeTek is an alliance of innovative software companies working together to deliver comprehensive solutions that foster exceptional patient experiences, attract new patients, and make the business of healthcare easier for clinicians.


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