What are the main features Ora offers?

Ora offers a number of impactful features including Smart Scheduling, Electronic Forms, Reminders, Lab Management, Analytics and Reporting, Consult Management, Electronic Claims, Patient Engagement, Payments, and Integrated Imaging. Learn more about them on our plans page.

Does Ora support multiple locations?

Ora is purpose-built to support multiple locations. Whether you have one practice or 1,000, Ora gives you access to all patient data (updated in real-time) at any location. Cloud backups occur automatically and are HIPAA-compliant.

What makes Ora so special?

Ora is revolutionary for a number of reasons. It's one solution with one price that's scalable, secure, and designed for multi-specialty groups.

Most DSO products are integrated with third party brands for reminders, patient engagement, etc., and they will have as many as 7-8 total software partners. This causes added expense and headaches in figuring out who can fix their issues.

Whether you have 1 office, 1,000 offices, or more, Ora has the one solution for you. Ora is architected for the cloud from the ground up. Ora grows with you.

Today, most DSOs and large groups have to use one system for general dental, one for oral surgeons, and one for orthodontic. Ora solves this problem as the first of its kind multi-specialty practice management system.

How is Ora using AI to advance the Dental Industry?

Ora has introduced an AI-driven Smart Scheduling module, designed to simplify the process of appointment scheduling, making it as effortless as sending a text or browsing the web.

In addition, Ora has developed a rules engine powered by machine learning, which enables offices to tailor their scheduling templates. It automatically applies restrictions, blocks, and resource allocation, thereby facilitating the optimal scheduling mix for each location. The system takes into consideration factors like office equipment, unique skills of each doctor, and the types of appointments being made.  

Ora addresses one of the major current challenges in the industry—the ongoing need to train front desk staff and call center schedulers. Through its Smart Scheduling feature, this obstacle is eliminated while ensuring a positive patient experience. This is achieved by offering online appointment booking, customizable reminders, automated recall, and the ability to fill any open slots via text.

What does "Purpose-Built for DSOs and Large Groups" mean?

Ora is one of the only practice management systems purpose-built for large groups and DSOs. That means that it was architected in a way to be secure, scalable, and easy to use all in a single sign-on cloud platform.  

Ora is Multi-Specialty with uniquely designed modules for General Dentists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, Perio, Pedodontics, and more.  

Ora has built-in analytics and reporting to allow for data-driven decisions and tracking of key metrics across the organization.  

Ora has secure user roles for your Clinical Staff, Scheduling Center, Field Support team, Corporate office, Billing and Claims team, and more. You control who has access to which features 24/7!

Ora works for a single office, emerging groups, and the largest of our Top Tier DSOs—supporting 1000s of locations and all related data.

Does Ora offer eClaims?

Absolutely! Ora offers unlimited eClaims, Attachments, and Eligibility with our partners at Change Healthcare. Ora can process Medical or Dental claims. Eligibility responses are auto-saved to the platform so that you can view them in each patient’s record.

More importantly, Ora also auto-processes the 835, post payments, and reconciles against each patient account. This is a huge time-savings for most offices!

Your website mentions that Ora replaces multiple platforms. What does this mean?

Yes, it is true that Ora has been designed as an all-in-one solution. What that means to you is one solution that provides the following business critical functions:  

PMS – Complete cloud-based practice management system with scheduling, clinical, consult management, admin, patient management, and more.  

Digital Patient Experience – Ora includes all aspects of the digital patient experience like Reminders, Two-Way Texting, Messaging, Custom Email Marketing Campaigns, Coupon Creation, Online Scheduling, Recall, Patient Letters, and so much more.  

RCM – Ora allows unlimited eClaims, attachments, and eligibility verifications, and, coupled with our Estimate engine, we have created a best-in-class foundation for your RCM needs. Claims can be auto-submitted in real-time or batches with attachments selected by the system based on payer requirements. No need to manually attach images in Ora! Our claims dashboard makes management of your denials and appeals easy!

Enterprise APIs – Ora has over 200 enterprise APIs that allow for third-party connections to any partner of your choice.  

Seamlessly Integrated Imaging with AI – Ora has partnered with Sota Cloud to bring you state-of-the-art imaging that includes Pearl’s AI technology to ensure nothing gets missed in your clinical treatment plans!  

Payments – Ora has integrated payment capabilities for all of your payment processing needs that include automated posting and reconciliation, auto-payment plans for orthodontic or other large ticket items, integrations with third party finance companies, text-to-pay, and more.  

eRx – Ora has partnered with ScriptSure to make electronic prescriptions available to all of our customers!

How do I get started?

Simple! Get in touch with our team. Visit our Contact Us page to schedule a demo with one of our helpful representatives.

When was Ora created?

Ora was created in 2023 to revolutionize the way you experience dental practice management software.

Who does Ora serve?

Ora serves Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and multi-site dental practices.

Does Ora offer training?

Absolutely. Ora offers comprehensive training and onboarding to support successful implementation and ongoing success with the platform.

How is Ora billed?

Ora is billed monthly, all in one place.

Does Ora offer support?

Of course! We pride ourselves on our supportive and accessible team. Contact our team here.

Is patient data protected?

Yes. All patient data is protected in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Discover what Ora can do for your growing dental organization.