Elevate Care with Patient Engagement

Transform the dental patient experience, improve satisfaction, and connect with your patients anytime, anywhere. Our Patient Engagement feature allows seamless communication, improved retention, and boosted online reputation.

Boost Your Practice's Reputation and Retention with Superior Patient Engagement

Enhanced Patient Experience

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Anytime, Anywhere Patient Connection

Communication on Preferred Platforms

Higher Patient Retention Rates

Boosted Confidence Throughout Patient Journey

Experience Seamless Communication with Two-Way Texting and Automation

Quit playing phone tag and easily send patient messages via our web-based dashboard.

  • Manage all patient messages and view message history from one place.
  • Use custom templates for automated patient communication.
  • Enjoy quick, seamless communication without the back-and-forth of phone calls.

Minimize Missed Appointments with Customized SMS Reminders

Keep your schedule full by sending automated and personalized SMS text reminders for upcoming appointments.

  • Automate reminders with custom intervals and messaging.
  • Send reminders from a custom phone number with your office's branding for a personalized touch.
  • Reduce missed appointments and maximize your schedule efficiency.

Manage Your Online Reputation with Tailored Messages and Feedback Automation

Create engaging email campaigns, automate feedback, and manage your online reputation with unique messages tailored to your practice.

  • Craft engaging email campaigns for improved patient engagement.
  • Automate feedback collection and manage your online reputation efficiently.
  • Customize electronic forms and texts for a personalized patient experience.

Elevate Patient Engagement with Ora to Improve Retention

Enhance patient experience and communication with our robust Patient Engagement feature. Connect anytime, anywhere, reduce no-shows, and manage your online presence easily.

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