Transform Your Front Desk with Electronic Forms

Redefine efficiency with our Electronic Forms, offering your patients flexibility while optimizing your dental practice operations. Experience seamless information sync, reduced wait times, and an environmentally-friendly solution.

Experience Seamless Efficiency and Flexibility with Electronic Forms

Eliminate Paper Clutter

Day-to-Day Operations Optimization

Flexibility for Patients

Environmentally Friendly


Improved Patient Flow

Automate with Intelligent Form Management

Streamline your practice with our automated, intelligent form management.

  • Send and manage new and existing patient forms with ease.
  • Track form activity to maintain a seamless flow of information.
  • Auto-follow-up on unreturned forms and contracts for timely completion.

Personalize with Customizable Templates

Improve the patient experience with personalized forms using our customizable templates.

  • Tailor forms to suit your practice's unique needs for a more personalized patient experience.
  • Ensure easy access to forms, accessible from desktop or mobile.
  • Save your front desk's time by enabling patients to fill out forms before their appointments.

Enhance Efficiency with Auto-synced Patient Info

Keep your patient information current with automatic sync and updates.

  • Ensure data accuracy and reduce errors with auto-synced patient info.
  • Save time by eliminating the need for manual data entry or updates.
  • Improve patient flow and reduce wait times with up-to-date information.

Streamline Operations and Improve Patient Experience with Ora

Experience the next level of efficiency and patient satisfaction with our customizable Electronic Forms. Simplify your processes and go green while empowering your patients with flexibility.

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