Revolutionize Imaging with Seamless Integration

Experience a new level of convenience with Integrated Imaging, accessible from any device, anywhere. Boost dental practice productivity and workflow speed, securely share images with patients, and enhance their experience.

Discover the Difference with Integrated Imaging

Anytime, anywhere image access

Rapid workflow from editing to viewing

Increased productivity with intuitive dashboards

One-click image addition

Secure image sharing with patients

Flexibility and security with cloud-based system

Boost Productivity with Advanced Dashboards

Keep a clear overview of your imaging processes with easy-to-read dashboards. Gain insights into your efficiency and enhance patient care.

  • Analyze how long x-ray exams take.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of intraoral cameras for case acceptance.
  • Implement improvements based on real-time data.

Add Images in a Flash

Enhance your workflow with the ability to add images effortlessly. Expand your diagnostic capabilities and enrich your case presentations.

  • Easily add images to existing exams or templates.
  • Capture and include intraoral camera photos swiftly.
  • Make your diagnostic process more comprehensive and dynamic.

Securely Share and Communicate with Ease

Improve patient communication by securely sharing before and after images. Enhance case acceptance and recall statistics with our user-friendly tools.

  • Share annotated images via email and text reminders.
  • Increase case acceptance with clear visual evidence.
  • Improve recall statistics with effective visual reminders.

Flexible Imaging with Ora for Enhanced Productivity

Experience a new standard in dental imaging with our Integrated Imaging feature. Access, add, and share images seamlessly from any device, improving workflow and patient communication.

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