Seamless Payments, Simplified Finances

Experience effortless invoicing, secure transactions, and full integration with our dental patient management platform. Our Payment feature streamlines your finance workflow and increases collection rate with personalized plans.

Streamline Your Finances and Enhance Patient Experience with Easy Payment Solutions

Easy Invoicing

Secure & HIPAA Compliant

Integrated into Patient Management Platform

Streamlined Finance Department Workflow

Improved Collection Rate with Personalized Payment Plans

Contactless Payment Options

Accept Payments Anytime, Anywhere with Ease

Experience the convenience of accepting payments wherever and whenever it suits you.

  • Integrated payment system for seamless transactions.
  • Security and compliance ensured with HIPAA guidelines.
  • Immediate application of payments to the relevant accounts.

Streamline Your Accounts Payable Process

Get a transparent view of all your financials to ensure billing accuracy every step of the way.

  • Transparency in your accounts payable process for improved accuracy.
  • Integrated workflow streamlines financial management.
  • Spend less time on financial admin, more time on your patients.

Simplify Collection with Scheduled and Recurring Payments

Ensure full payment while easing patient stress with scheduled and recurring payment plans.

  • Easily set up recurring payment plans for stress-free collections.
  • Increase collection rates with personalized payment schedules.
  • Convenient mobile text payment capabilities for patients.

Effortless Invoicing and Secure Payments with Ora

Simplify your finance operations with our integrated Payments feature. From easy invoicing to secure and compliant transactions, we've got you covered.

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